The 2015 Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt (CESH), and What Came After

Every year, my wife’s family spends Christmas Eve together, eating cookies, drinking tea and hot chocolate, opening gifts, singing carols, and running around the downtown area publicly humiliating themselves. So basically just your normal holiday traditions. We rotate the responsibilities of designing and constructing the epic photo/video scavenger hunt each year, and this time it was brought to us by my wife’s younger sister and her husband, Cave Dane. You might remember Cave as the man who brought the world Nerdstock. But now you will remember him for bringing you the following video, which I have edited together for maximum comedic effect. If you don’t have time to watch the full 2 minutes worth, at least watch the last bit. You will not regret it.(

But of course Christmas Eve cannot last forever. It must eventually give way to Christmas, and the opening of presents and the eating of bacon, which I’m pretty sure is a traditional food of ancient Hebrews and famous parents Mary and Joseph. I could be mistaken.

We all did fairly well under the tree this year. Ruby gave me some amazing socks.

Star Wars Socks

Edward got a nerf gun which he immediately rendered useless by firing the bullet onto a vacationing neighbor’s upper deck, so he spent much of the morning playing with the electric train set that he received. This picture is a little blurry, but I love it because it captures the exact moment when he realizes what the train is.


Ruby got a lot of books, per her request, and she spent most of the day reading.


We also got the kids Lego Dimensions, which my wife has accused me of playing more than the kids. But in my defense, it is super awesome and fun. Edward was psyched to get a new Lego video game, since he loves the other ones we have, and we played it together until suddenly a Lego instructions booklet appeared on the screen. He was less interested in that. Luckily Ruby, who had not been so into the video game part, jumped in and had a great time putting together the physical Lego pieces with me. And once that was done she went back to her reading and Edward jumped back into the game. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Now the children are at my mother’s. Yes, we had some fun times with my side of the family as well, mostly involving hitting each other in the face with pies (I wish I was lying…), and now the kids get some Toy Grammy time, and my wife and I get a short break. We got to sleep in. We got to hang out with Bleric Ack and Bat Moanin’, who were up visiting from Maryland. It has been a good week. And now I have to go put the house back together and resume some sort of normal life. At least until Thursday when we start celebrating the end of the year. But I’ll have more thoughts on that later.

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