You Should Probably Just Vaporize Yourself

Ruby is taking the bus to school now. This is despite her many protests, scowls, and threats. For the first part of the week I rode the bus with her, got off with her, and then bused myself back home. Wednesday she had Forest School of course, and yesterday I tried taking the bus with […]

The First Not Day of Pre-School

I kissed my children this morning and watched them head out the door to walk to school with their mother. With both of them at school full days now, my mornings are busier, but less hectic. I showered, dressed, searched the house for my required personal items, and then I left for my meeting at […]

Racing a Bus at the DMV

I walked in at 10:30, prepared this time. I had my passport. I had my social security card, signed sloppily by 7-year-old me. I had a check stub. I had several pieces of mail. I had the vial of blood. I was ready to renew my driver’s license. Thirty minutes they told me, and I […]

The Difference Between Karma, Irony, and Murphy’s Law

Today I am here to use a real life example to demonstrate the elusive difference between the oft-confused karma, irony, and Murphy’s Law.  Because yesterday morning I had an unhealthy dose of all three. To begin with, Edward (who always gets up at the crack of the middle of the night) decided to sleep in. […]

I Missed the Bus

Yesterday was Edward’s last first day of pre-school.  We had gone in on Monday for the orientation meeting, but school didn’t officially start for him until Tuesday.  Tuesday meant a new first day of school outfit, it meant a full morning away, and it meant the most favorite and best part of all of school, […]

The Adventures of a Field Trip Chaperone

Monday Night– Asked the bus driver if I could ride in with Edward the following morning; was told I had to ask the school about that.– Called the school to ask if I could ride the bus in; was told I had to ask the bus– Picked out farm-appropriate clothing for the both of us– […]