How To Dress Your Fat Babies

One of my wife’s co-workers recently had a baby, and that baby just happens to be on the larger side of average.  Being a first time parent, this poor woman is concerned that her baby may eventually grow into some sort of giant person, such as a sumo wrestler or an average American.  In fact, […]

Where’s Your Mother?!

One of the great things about being a stay-at-home-dad is that, when things go wrong, people tend to ignore you and blame the mother.  Somehow the general public still cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the father may, in fact, be the one responsible for the terrible behavior that is spewing forth from […]

New Heights of Naughtiness and Destruction

The first thing that my two-year-old son Edward did yesterday was to make a decision.  There’s no way he could have been so naughty and so destructive just by chance.  No, he had to have been working hard at it intentionally.  As soon as his sister left for school he immediately went upstairs into her […]

The Old Woman and the Cheese

Edward is learning a lot of new words.  Well, okay, not a lot, but some.  And the words he does know he uses a lot more often, and in increasingly appropriate situations.  And then sometimes he uses his words the right way, but it is still so wrong. Like today, for instance, we were at […]

But I Only Want One Shirt!

I was informed yesterday that I was required to provide a white v-neck t-shirt for this opera production.  I was at my costume fitting, and I was totally unprepared.  I didn’t have my shoes, I didn’t bring any suspenders, and I was certainly not wearing a white v-neck t-shirt.  Now, my shoes were at my […]