Talk Like a Man

Have you ever noticed that when you spend a large amount of time with someone, you start to pick up their mannerisms and commonly used phrases?  It could be someone you are dating, a spouse or a best friend, or, most horrifically of all, a young child who has not yet fully mastered the English […]

Only Good Things

As I have been thinking about the ethics of blogging about one’s children, I have become keenly aware of the need to say more good things than bad about them.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think I paint a positive picture of them in a general sense, but sometimes I get caught up in […]

Edward’s Words: A Matching Game

Now that Edward has started speaking in full sentences and his word count is exploding, we are no longer worried about his speech delay.  He seems to be catching up well, and communicating nicely.  This does not mean, however, that you will always know what he is saying.  Like most two-year-olds, Edward has his own […]

Words Edward Learned This Week

On Monday, Edward’s speech pathologist came over and explained to me the ways in which I should be communicating with Edward in order to help him get on pace with his speech development.  Due to Edward’s crazy number of ear infections, we believe that he had trouble hearing for his first year+ of life and […]

Speech Delay Evaluation Delay

I just spent my morning with an evaluator from the state.  At least I think she was an evaluator.  She didn’t really evaluate anything.  She mostly just asked us questions and wrote things down.  So actually, I just spent my morning with an professional informationalist from the state.  We’re trying to figure out if Edward […]