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As I have been thinking about the ethics of blogging about one’s children, I have become keenly aware of the need to say more good things than bad about them.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think I paint a positive picture of them in a general sense, but sometimes I get caught up in the naughtiness and general frustration of attempting to care for and guide two small children, and I maybe don’t say as many nice things as I should.  So today I will say only good things.

Edward is now above average in his language skills.  He was evaluated on Wednesday and has a mean length of utterance of 3.88, where the average for his age is 2.5-3.0.  Going from a diagnosed speech delay to being ahead of the curve in less than a year is amazing.  He is a genius.

Ruby has a best friend and they are super cute together.  They have both joined the same drama class together on Monday afternoons, they have play dates, and when you see them together they even are beginning to have similar mannerisms.  To see such a connection is a true joy.

When he is naked, Edward is fully potty trained.  We still have to find some way to figure out how to get him to stop using his diaper, but if you take off all of his clothes he will consistently use the potty, even when you are not in the room with him.  This is great news for our carpets.

Ruby has been seizure free for one month.  The new medicine seems to be working.  I’m still on edge all the time (and maybe will be forever), but for now things are good.  Keep praying that they stay that way.

Edward loves reading books, and he knows all the funny pages in advance, so when you turn to them he starts giggling infectiously before you can even read the words to him.  And sometimes he reads the words to you too!

Speaking of reading, Ruby is blasting along!  She can read all “Level 1” books now and is reading “Level 2” books, as well as picking up random books from around the house and reading those too.  In fact, there are very few things that she can’t sound out at this point.  This is bad news for being able to spell things that we don’t want her to know about, but good news in every other way.

So, though the days are hard and the nights are long, and sometimes the nights are days and the days are nights, I have to remind myself, and all of my children’s future employers who may or may not have hired a private investigator to dig up this blog in order to decide if they ought to hire my children or not, that I have some pretty great kids, and I’m sure they will be a boon to your organization.  I recommend them both very highly.  Thank you.

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  1. I think by the time our kids are headed into college/the workforce, everyone will be so done with this saturated information, the interview will be that much more meaningful 🙂
    Or, in our case, the auditions 🙂

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