The World According to Edward

The Worst Words According to Edward, who is 6, there are four really bad words that you should never, ever say. And of course he says them as often as he thinks no one is listening. And what are the four worst words in the English language? They are as follows: Fock Shutup Coddammit Stupid I […]

Teaching My 7-Year-Old Daughter to Curse

A few nights ago I had the rare chance to spend an evening alone with my daughter.  My wife was at a meeting and my son was in bed, so Ruby and I got to pull out the superhero toys and fight some battles.  As we were setting everyone up, she asked me when she […]

Swear Words For Parents

So there you are, living your life, happily cursing like a sailor, when suddenly, it happens.  Boom!  You become a parent.  Now, completely out of the blue, you have to drastically change your speech patterns so as not to scar your children for life, or worse, get the dreaded phone call from the teacher asking […]