I Missed the Bus

Yesterday was Edward’s last first day of pre-school.  We had gone in on Monday for the orientation meeting, but school didn’t officially start for him until Tuesday.  Tuesday meant a new first day of school outfit, it meant a full morning away, and it meant the most favorite and best part of all of school, […]

Crowd Control

It’s official.  I am a Vermonter again.  It has taken a few years of this relaxed pace of life to find my groove, but I no longer assume that every other driver on the road is out there for the sole purpose of cutting me off, and when there are long lines at the supermarket […]

Things You Never Want to See

There are some things in life that you just never want to see. For instance, you don’t want to see a giant truck driving the wrong way down the highway right at you.  Luckily, after my heart resumed beating, I realized that it was just being towed and was not, in fact, about to plow […]

Nostalgia Is So Last Decade

When I moved from Baltimore to Vermont two years ago, it made me a little sad.  Sure, I was happy to be moving back to the state I grew up in, and I was excited to see family and old friends, but there was a lot that I liked about my old life and I […]