Things You Never Want to See

There are some things in life that you just never want to see.

For instance, you don’t want to see a giant truck driving the wrong way down the highway right at you.  Luckily, after my heart resumed beating, I realized that it was just being towed and was not, in fact, about to plow into me.  And since we were all stuck in traffic anyway, I decided it would be a cool picture.

You also don’t ever want to see your couch in this condition when you arrive home from an audition trip to New York.  But if you have children, you probably see things like this more than you would prefer.  And luckily we got a new couch about half an hour later.  So I suppose there was no harm in ripping apart the old one and sitting on the floor.

“Hey Mom!  Look what I found!  A Chicken!”

“Ack!  What?!  Put that down this INSTANT!  Where did you get a chicken?!”

“It was right over by that other chicken!  I am going to give it hugs and squeezes!”


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