That’s Not What I Meant By “Dress In Layers”

“C’mon Buddy, the bus is going to be here!  Shoes!”  I glanced nervously out the window for any signs of impending school bus as I tried to hurry my son into his coat and sneakers.  The coat slipped on with only small amounts of protest, but then it was time for the shoes. “Ow!” he […]

Where to Buy Super Hero Underwear For Girls

People, a miraculous thing has happened.  After lamenting last week that I could not buy my daughter any super hero underwear due to the fact that she is a female and is therefore supposed to only like Barbie and Hello Kitty, I got a message from a fellow blogger and a friend of mine.  Now, […]

Why My Daughter Can’t Have Super Hero Underwear

In my house, the only difference between boys and girls are their genitals.  We do not differentiate between “girl toys” and “boy toys.”  We do not separate out the “boy shows” from the “girl shows,” and we certainly do not restrict clothing choices based on gender.  I mean, we don’t put my son in dresses, […]