My Mother, the Zoo Animal

You see, we really needed to find a bathroom.  My eldest child was, at the time, my brand new first and only child, and we were at the National Zoo with my mother, who had not yet been christened “Toy Grammy,” and so was still just “Grammy.”  I don’t know how we got off of […]

How I Spent My Summer, By Bear

Hello.  This is Bear.  I am using my magic and taking over the computer.  I think there should be more posts about bears, so I am going to tell you all about the fun bear things that I did this summer. To start with, Ruby took me with her to Syracuse.  I tried to drive […]

The Bronx Zoo

Saturday was my birthday, and I turned mid-thirties.  Not so bad in the grand scheme of things, but when you still kind of think you are 20, it is a little too old.  Regardless of my personal preference however, time marches on, and this year, like last year, I was away for an opera gig […]