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Readers, I have some exciting news for you!  Tenor Dad is teaming up with The Hairy Bear salon to give you a chance to win a free haircut!  This is very exciting news, especially if you live in Vermont and have kids that have hair.  And to find out how you can win, just read on and I will tell you how this all came about.

We have taken our kids to The Hairy Bear for their haircuts ever since we moved to Vermont.  It’s really the only place in the area that does haircuts for kids in a kid friendly environment.  As the children are getting their haircuts they sit in fun cars (Edward always picks the red one because he can make the windshield wipers go, while Ruby usually picks the purple princess car), and there are toys to play with, cartoons to watch, and a great staff who are good at, and this is crucial when cutting kids’ hair, going quickly!  Snip, zip, buzz, trim, and they’re done!  And then the kids get a lollipop and a balloon!  Needless to say, my kids love getting their haircuts, because The Hairy Bear makes it fun.

I should also point out that The Hairy Bear is also called Hair Express, and they do adult haircuts too.  I always get mine done at the same time as the kids, because it is easy and quick.  Just in case you were wondering about that.

So anyway, I was on my way to get my haircut with Edward last weekend, and when I got to The Hairy Bear…it was gone!  Just an empty building, with no sign or anything.  Ack!  We were about to walk away when a nice man came out of the Wooden Spoon Bistro next door and asked us if we were looking for The Hairy Bear.  I admitted that we were, and he told us that they had moved across the street.  Their new address is 1197 Williston Road, and there was a giant bear dancing around outside.  Easy enough.

We went across the street and found them quite easily and when we went in I saw Sandra Peck standing at the counter, as she always does, and I asked her about the move.  Well, as it turns out when they decided to make the switch to a smaller building, but with a more open and inviting children’s room, their landlord of over two decades got very angry.  Sandra had put up a sign informing people of the new location, but Mr. Landlord took it down and replaced it with a sign saying that The Hairy Bear had gone out of business.  So Sandra took that sign down and put up another one of her own, simply stating the new address of her business.  Mr. Landlord took that down as well, and informed Sandra that if she put up any more signs he would call the police.  Luckily the cool Wooden Spoon Bistro guy had been looking out for her and sending customers across the street, but still, that seemed like not a cool situation.

That’s when I had this idea.  What if I could help?!  What if I, a local blogger with connections to local parents, could let everyone know that they had moved, and what their new address was?!  (1197 Williston Road in South Burlington, in case you didn’t catch it earlier)  And to really sweeten the pot and get people clicking, what if we did some sort of a giveaway, like a free haircut?!  Well, Sandra thought this was a fine idea, and so here we are.

Of course we had to get our haircuts first.  I think they look pretty good.  Although it may be hard to see Edward’s haircut because he is hugging the dancing bear.  You can see the princess car though.  It’s awesome.

 Edward hugging the dancing bear

So sign up for the giveaway below, and please share this with your friends.  The point is to get the word out about the new location for a great local business that we love and have been supporting for years.  Good luck, and I’ll announce the winner on the Tenor Dad Facebook page next week!

Sandra and I at the new Hair Express

To get three entries into the contest, simply go to the box below, answer an easy trivia question, and then “like” Tenor Dad and the Hairy Bear on Facebook.  Three clicks, three chances to win!

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