How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

So Carnegie Hall called me on Saturday and wanted to hire me for a recording project.  Obviously I said yes, and so here I am in New York City once again, trying to find the dang place.  I asked one guy how to get there, and he said “Practice,” so I sat on the corner for a while doing some vocal warmups and going over my music, but that didn’t seem to work, so now I need some new ideas.

It’s kind of a cool project.  I guess they have a program in which hundreds of high schools kids from around the country get to come do a concert at Carnegie Hall, and these kids need to learm their music ahead of time, so they are sent a learning CD with just their part recorded on it.  That is where I come in.  I am on my way to record all choral tenor parts for Carmina Burana so that Carnegie Hall can distribute them to all the young tenors around the country and they can listen to me sing.

If I could just find the dang place…

Tune in Tomorrow for more exciting adventures with Tenor Dad!  Does He Find Carnegie Hall?  How Does The Gig Go?  Do They Give Him Free Lunch?  These questions and more will be answered next time on….Tenor Dad!  (cue theme music)

(fade to commercial)

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