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I was watching Project Runway the other night, and one of the guest judges, at some point during the runway show, started making an impassioned speech about how fashion is more than just clothes.  Clothes can change the way we feel, and the way we act.  What we wear affects us deeply, and to design a brilliant piece of clothing can basically change the world.  And I rolled my eyes.  Hard.

Just so there is no confusion, I do not care about fashion.  At all.  If I had my way, I would wear old jeans and a t-shirt with a superhero on it every day for the rest of my life.  When I go to things like weddings and concerts, I do not iron my clothes.  People are often telling me that I am wearing wrinkly things, and I just shrug and agree with them.  I honestly do not care about my clothing.  I know that, in a field such as opera, I have to sometimes look nice, and when I do an audition I have to wear (ugh) a tie, but because I have almost no opinion on the matter, I have turned over the decision on what I wear to auditions to my voice teacher, because he cares a lot about what I wear, and I am happy to put on whatever he tells me to.  I cared so little about fashion that, when someone who had devoted their whole lives to it tried to explain how important it was, I rolled my eyes at them through the television.

But the next day I started thinking more about what I had seen.  I realized that the way that person spoke about fashion was the same way I have heard so many people (myself included) speak about music.  What they were saying about clothes was exactly how I felt about music.  It is powerful and world changing.  It is worth devoting one’s whole life to.

Then I started thinking about the people I have met that don’t care about music.  I can almost never believe them when people tell me they just don’t like music.  They don’t even listen to it in the car?  They don’t have a CD (or MP3 if you are young and hip, or Record if you are old and hip) collection?  They just aren’t into music?  How can that be?  Music gets right into your soul and grabs you and doesn’t let you go!  It stays with you your entire life!  Music brings back memories of specific times, places, and people that are important to us!  How can anyone not be into music at all?

Those people have probably rolled their eyes at me.  Hard.  They probably thought I was some musical weirdo who was wasting my time on something that was not that important.  They probably thought about music like I thought about fashion.

Now, I still don’t care about fashion.  I only watch Project Runway because I like game shows, and Project Runway is basically fashion Double Dare for grownups.  But I think I understand it more, and I have decided not to roll my eyes at people with a passion for something.  Passion, for anything, is rare, and if you have it, you have it.  You have to believe in it, and follow it wherever it will take you.  I wish I had more of it sometimes.  So whether it’s food, fashion, music, art, or dressing up like a anime character and shouting things at your friends in the woods, I hope you will not give up on what you love.  There will probably be some eye rolls in your future, but not from me.

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  1. I’m not sure that a care a lot about ‘fashion’, but I have to admit I do care about how I look. And for whatever it is worth, I am in awe of how you sing. Last Sunday morning you touched my soul with that song in a most profound way. Go get em’ in Florida!

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