Overheard in the New York Subway

So I was in New York for an audition yesterday, and I was heading back to my car afterward, via the subway, and I witnessed this conversation:

First let me set the scene – a crowded subway car in New York City.  A girl is sitting down reading a book and a young man wearing sunglasses with poofy hair enters the car and stands next to me.

Guy: (to girl) Hey, do you always take this train?
Girl: (looking up from her book) Yeah. (She looks at the guy for a second, then goes back to reading)
Guy: Do you always sit in this car?
Girl: (thinking about it…) Ummmm, I’m not sure.  Maybe?  (goes back to reading)
Guy: Do you always ignore cute boys who talk to you on the subway?
Girl: (without looking up) Yes.

Now, this is where the story should have ended, and it would have been a facebook status update instead of a blog, but the story did not end there.  We rode another stop or two in silence, but then this guy started up again.

Guy: Can I ask why you won’t talk to me?
Girl: (puts her book down, looks at the guy, smiles and says…) Why are you wearing sunglasses?  It’s really dark down here.
Guy: (still smiling for the moment) Oh, uh, I have problems with my contacts and my eyes hurt.
Girl: Take you sunglasses off, I want to see your eyes.
Guy: (no longer smiling) Um, no, it’s ok.
Girl: (stands up and goes over to the guy) C’mon, take them off.  What’s the big deal? (reaches for his sunglasses)
Guy: No! No!  It’s fine. (protects his glasses with his hand and turns away)

Then the girl sat back down and started reading her book again.  The guy never said another word and got off at the next stop.  It was very strange, but I guess that’s New York for you.  On my way to the audition, some high school kids were acting up on the subway, and a guy in a suit randomly yelled “Settle Down!  These are my tax dollars at work!” in their faces.  I guess he pays some sort of annoying teenager on the subway tax that I don’t know about.  Anyway, my audition went pretty well, and now I am home again.  I didn’t see any monstrous trucks this time, and when I got home, Ruby (who was supposed to be sleeping) leaped out of her room to greet me with a big hug.  New York is fun, but it’s always better to come home.

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