When in Doubt, Blame Your Parents

It’s parent-teacher conference week once again, which means that my wife and I got to sit down with the people who hang out with our kids all day and hear how they don’t do any of the bad things that they love to do.  Seriously, they are basically angels dropped out of heaven directly into their chairs at school, until they get home.  Home is, apparently, a good place to smash and attack.  We need a cross-stitch that says “Home Is Where The Destruction Is.”  But hey, at least we know they are good somewhere.

The one problem that they both have at school, and this has been a consistent problem since birth, is volume control.  Every year, at every conference, from every teacher, we hear things like “they need to work on their inside voices,” and “we’re working on appropriate decibel levels for the classroom.”  This year was no exception.  Oh, but there was one slight difference.

Ruby’s teacher told us that she uses a wrist-turning motion to let Ruby know when she has to dial down the volume, which we all found pretty hilarious, and I guess this works so it’s all good.  Only Ruby’s response when she is being too loud, is to say: “It’s not my fault; my Dad’s an opera singer.”


My bad.

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