Woman Sues Nephew For Hugging Her Too Hard – Guess Which One of Our Systems is Broken?

There has been a viral story circulating very recently about a woman who sued her 8-year-old nephew for hugging her too hard and breaking her wrist. She sued him for $127,000, claiming loss and suffering of a seemingly ridiculous nature, saying her personal life had suffered because “I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvre plate.” Needless to say, the internet went wild with its own brand of vigilante justice, calling this woman horrible, vile names, and all of her information is public, thanks to the nature of the case. Yay for her.

So our system is broken, but it’s not our legal system (also broken, but not relevant to this story) that is responsible for this debacle. No, the real devil here is our insurance system. You see, as it turns out, after all of the mudslinging began the woman revealed that she was forced to sue her own nephew by her insurance company, or else be left holding the bill for the staggering cost of medical care in this country. Her suit was intentionally frivolous; she never wanted or expected to win. All she wanted was for her insurance to pay what they had promised to pay. But of course our system of unbridled capitalism is set up so that one must make the most money possible, and never pay anything one doesn’t have to pay. Insurance, which was kind of a scam to begin with, is an even bigger one when the companies are going out of their way to collect money without ever paying out. Which, in a strictly immoral and capitalistic system, is exactly what they should be doing.

Here’s a story I heard from my pastor about a previous church he once served. A couple of kids wander into the sanctuary one day and find it deserted. They start fooling around with stuff, as kids are wont to do, and end up setting off a fire extinguisher. Deciding, unwisely, that this was great fun, they then cover the room in foam, essentially ruining everything and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Thank God for insurance, right? Except insurance won’t pay a dime unless the church sues this family. The family begs the church not to sue. They are worried about their son, and they can’t afford a hit like that. They plead. They lament. But the church also cannot afford to take the hit either. So what should they do? What would you do? What if you were left with the terrible choice of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket for a medical injury, or suing an 8-year-old boy whom you loved? And what kind of a system do we have in place that forces that choice upon anyone?

Lesson 1: Don’t judge.

Lesson 2: The system is broken.

Go forward and work for change. Work for a country where people are valued above money. And work within yourself to have compassion and understanding, even for those who seem the most despicable. You may not know their whole story.

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