A Game To Find Out How Your Children Think

We have discovered a new song in our house.  It is called “Why oh why,” and it involves a question being asked, and then being answered in a silly way.  Some of the lyrics include:

“Why can’t a bird eat an elephant? Why, oh why, oh why?”
“Cause an elephant’s got a pretty hard skin!  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”


“Why does a horn make music?  Why, oh why, oh why?”
“Cause the horn blower blows on it.  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

You can hear the whole song here:

We listen to this song all the time now, and have even started making up our own verses to it.  And actually, this is a great game for figuring out how your children are thinking about the world.  You ask them a silly question, and then see what reason they can come up with.  You should definitely try it on your own children, or, possibly, on your next first date.  To get you started, I will share some of my favorites that my daughter has made up.  Happy psychological investigating!

“Why do clouds rain down on us?  Why, oh why, oh why?”
“Because the clouds are full of rain!  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

“Why do banks have money?  Why, oh why, oh why?”
“Cause people don’t have enough room in their wallets!  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

“Why do crosswalks have lines on them?  Why, oh why, oh why?”
“So cars will see where the people are walking!  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

“Why do we have a puppy?  Why, oh why, oh why?”
“Cause dogs have babies and babies are puppies!  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

“Why do people get married?  Why, oh why, oh why?”
“To make more people, and then get buried!  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

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