A Musician’s Worst Nightmare

Have you seen those videos online, where some sneaky orchestra decides to play a prank on one of their soloists or conductors by playing the wrong piece, and then the subject of the prank is so awesome that they just play the wrong piece instead too? That is pretty amazing. But where are the videos of the sneaky people playing pranks like that where everybody just stops and glares at each other in confusion? I find this to be the more likely scenario. I mean, if I got up to sing something and they started playing the wrong song, well, I guess if I knew the song I would just sing the different song, sure, but what if I didn’t know it? What would I do?

Even worse than these pranks are when someone actually starts playing or singing the wrong song not on purpose. What if the band kicks in, and you start in on something different, completely by accident?! This is the musical equivalent of showing up to school in your underwear. This would be a complete disaster. This is the stuff nightmares are made of! But I guess you would just have to go with it, right? Perhaps it would look something like this:

I hope this never happens to me in real life, although I do get confused a lot and forget words, notes, which building I am supposed to be in, that sort of thing. And I hope it never happens to you. But if it does, be like those people in the videos and just be awesome. Then you can turn a nightmare into a triumph, and everybody will see you online too and say how great you are. And that is a musician’s best dream ever.

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