Billy Budd/Moves Like Claggart

Tonight is the opening of the show that I am in, Billy Budd.  Normally I use these occasions to make a parody music video about the opera, as I have done for Rigoletto, Gianni Schicchi, and Die Fledermaus in the past.  But this time I wasn’t sure if I should.

This time I am contracted with the Metropolitan Opera.  They have signs on practically every wall of every room that say “No photography.”  How could I get material for my video without being able to film or photograph anything?  But then, a breakthrough!  This is the Metropolitan Opera!  They have done this show before, and there are videos of it on youtube!  I am happy to say that I was able to complete my video using only photos and videos I found available on the internet.  I did not break any rules during my time on the inside.  In fact, anyone could have made this video with only the internet, passing knowledge of the Billy Budd opera, and severe amounts of free time and personal weirdness.

If you are coming to the show tonight, spoiler alert, this video does discuss some of the key plot details of the show,  But not more than, say, the program does.  Why programs feel the need to spell everything out for people in advance is beyond me, especially with titles so prevalent these days, but that is a thought for another day.  For today, please enjoy (or mock scornfully) my latest exercise in boredom and my first attempt at a medley mash-up: Billy Budd/Moves Like Claggart!

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