The Food Trucks of New York – Part 8

As my long time readers may or may not recall, I once started on a quest to find all of the top 25 food trucks in New York City, as chosen by New York Magazine.  If you need to catch up, the links are at the bottom of the page.  Well, as of my last posting on the subject, I had found 22 out of the 25 trucks.  But then, sadly, my gig ended and I had to go home, quest incomplete.  But no longer!

Something serendipitous happened to me the other day.  I was talking with my friend Clizzle, and I said “Hey, remember when I was trying to find all of those food trucks approximately one bajizillion years ago?  Maybe we could find the last three.”  She agreed that this sounded like an excellent idea, and so off I went, home on the subway, trying to remember which ones I still needed to find.  And there, parked directly outside of the subway entrance near my apartment as I walked up the steps to the street, sat one of them.

23) Go Burger
The Go Burger truck had broken down when I last left the city, and as fall was approaching and food truck season was ending, they decided to shut down early for the year and I was unable to get a delicious burger from them.  But suddenly, as if in a vision, the truck appeared to me and told me that my quest was nigh at an end.  Huzzah!

I got a burger, even though I had already eaten dinner, and it was pretty good.  But it was definitely not the best burger from a truck that I have ever eaten.  I thought there was a little too much bun for the burger, which made it a tad dry, but I was so happy just to have found it, that I really didn’t care.

24) Endless Summer
Having been reinvigorated by the discovery of the 23rd truck, I quickly set my sights on a truck that I knew was there, but just very far away.  And by very far away I mean Brooklyn.  Having never really been to Brooklyn before, I assumed it was far away and hard to get to, but actually it was very easy.  One subway transfer and I came out only a few blocks from the Endless Summer Taco Truck.

I got two tacos, one chicken and one beef, as well as the best deal ever, $1.50 for a Mexican Coke!  You can’t even get a regular Coke for that around here, and the one I had contained no nasty High Fructose Corn Syrup!  Score!  The tacos were excellent, and the sauce on them really was a stand out.  Nothing tastes better than victory, but I still had one truck left.  My arch-enemy.  The truck I have looked for more than any other, and with no success.  But I was determined not to fail this time.

25) Berry Fro Yo: The Taste of Failure
The Berry Fro Yo Truck is gone.  I don’t know where it went, or if it even still exists, but after 7 attempts, I have finally given up.  Supposedly the Berry Fro Yo truck is sitting next to the Best Buy in Union Square.  When I was last here I made three trips there to find it, and there was never a truck in that location.  I supposed at the time that it may have gotten too late in the season and the truck had gone into hibernation.

Being back in the city again, I was determined to find this last truck, and so I called up Clizzle and the two of us trekked over to Union Square, only to find a different frozen yogurt truck sitting next to the Best Buy!  For a moment I thought maybe the Berry Fro Yo truck had just changed its name and repainted its truck, but upon closer inspection, I could see that this was not the case.  The specific toppings mentioned in the article that I was basing this whole hunt on were not on the menu here.  Different truck.  Quest still incomplete.

Not one to give up when the fates are clearly against him, I pressed on.  I scoured the internet for clues.  Berry Fro Yo had a website, whose domain registration had expired.  Hmmmm.  According to the FourSquare entry map, the location of the truck was actually down by Wall Street, so I went there as well.  What did I find?  The same wrong yogurt truck!  Actually, two of them!  I think it must be a chain.  Perhaps they drove the Berry Fro Yo truck out of business?

On Tuesday I made my final attempt, one last desperate straw grasp, and headed back to Union Square.  No, once again that fake chain yogurt truck was next to the Best Buy.  I had to face it.  The Berry Fro Yo truck was gone.  And with no working website, no accurate FourSquare listing, and no other information available, I would have to give up.  I suppose I could have just gotten some frozen yogurt from the new truck and pretended that it was Berry Fro Yo, but I actually hate frozen yogurt, and I was only going to get it for the sake of list completion purposes.  With that no longer a possibility, it is time to call it a day, and bring an end to the great food truck hunt of 2010.  I mean 2010-12.

But if anybody out there actually knows what happened to the Berry Fro Yo truck, or where I can find it now, let me know.  I will happily go on another wild goose chase to be later detailed in this very space.

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