It’s Creation Day

Something is coming. Can you feel it on the wind? That biting chill that comes just before devastation? Can you see it? The shadow on the horizon is growing. It’s not far off anymore. In fact, it’s here. That void, that nothing, is on its way to destroy. Things will be dismantled. Comforts will be […]

My Robot Just Killed Your Painting. Now It’s Dead.

Today was very nearly the first weekday that I did not post something, ever, since the beginning of Tenor Dad. Though I have pledged not to write about my son’s health in these pages anymore, at his request, to understand today’s story you must at least understand that we were in the hospital. From the […]

Our First Piece of Original Artwork

Good morning readers! Do you remember a short while ago when I mentioned the insanely awesome prize pack I had won from Keith Munslow, the leading singer/storyteller of the Rhode Island kindie music scene? If you don’t remember, go check it out because there is a lot of good music that was sent our way […]

You Are a Genius

You are a genius.  I am a genius.  Hey!  Wow!  We are both geniuses!  Isn’t that awesome?!  In fact, most people I know are kind of brilliant.  At something anyway.  Now, I don’t know what your specific IQ is, but the way we measure intelligence around here is seriously questionable if you ask me.  And […]

Should the Opera World Ban Smoking?

For those of you who don’t follow this sort of thing, there has been a bit of controversy in the opera world recently regarding smoking.  West Australian Opera, who is sponsored in large part by Healthway (the independently run but still government sponsored anti-smoking association), was possibly thinking about performing Bizet’s classic and beloved opera Carmen, […]

The Crayola Crayon Factory

There are some places on Earth that kids are just drawn to.  The kids see or hear about a place and immediately know that they must get there somehow, because it looks and seems so exciting and awesome.  They may suggest it to their parents, or perhaps they may simply dream and plan the trip […]

What My Children Thought of the Picture I Drew of Them

Lately I have been playing around with the look and the feel of this blog.  I have been trying new things.  I changed my logo (if one can call it that), and I started making graphics and posting them on the Tenor Dad Facebook page, mostly because it was fun and that’s why I do […]

Why People Don’t Pay Artists

Have you ever, when confronted with leaking pipes or an explosively clogged toilet, called up one of your friends who is not a professional plumber, but loves plumbing so much that they spend their free time doing amateur plumbing projects?  No?  Hmmmm.  Well then, what about rewiring your bathroom?  Will you be calling your brother-in-law […]

Opera, Comic Books, and Other Collaborative Art

Gary Friedrich just lost a couple of court cases.  If you haven’t heard of him, you may have heard of one of his creations, Ghost Rider.  Ghost Rider is a comic book character that was turned into an absolutely hideous movie starring Nicolas Cage, the sequel to which may just still be at a theater […]

A Picture of My Penis

Last night, while I was out making pizza, I got a text message from my wife that included the latest family portrait drawn by my daughter.  Ruby, like all children (and adults, even if they won’t admit it), loves to draw, and one of her favorite subjects is her family. Now, we’ve seen pictures of […]