You’ve Heard of Method Acting? Try Method Bedtime!

Method acting is a technique popularized by the late Marlon Brando in which an actor literally tries to become a character. They want to emotionally be inseparable from the part they are playing. If their character is mean, they act mean all the time, even when the cameras are not rolling. If they are supposed to […]

“Daddy, Will You Stay With Me?”

“Daddy?” “What is it?” I ask, as I tousle his hair and pull the covers up a little tighter. “Can you read me another story?” “No, you’ve already had stories. It’s time for sleeping now.” I try to smile at him, as I deliver this sad news. “Okay,” he says sadly, rolling over as I […]

Late Night Escape

It was bedtime. Past bedtime, if you must. He and I trudged upstairs where it was made very clear that I would be sharing the big bed tonight. There was no fight about this; everyone was too tired. I settled him down next to me as I pretended to be ready for bed myself. I […]

5 Things Not To Do Before Bed

There is really only one thing I have to do before bed, and that is take the dog out. My wife takes Anna out in the morning, and I take her out at night. Daytime outings are done by whomever is home, so usually Ruby if we can get her to do it. But at night, […]

It’s Not a Mess, It’s A Nest

Do you see that pile of laundry on the floor? Please do not disturb it. I need it in order to sleep. It’s not actually a mess, despite being quite messy in appearance. Sure, there are some clothes in there, a shoe maybe, and other bedrooms objects that have been uncarefully gathered into the pile, […]

The Mystery of Who Peed on Me

It was a dark and stormy night. 6:30 AM. The sky was dark and my mood was stormy. I was asleep. Suddenly, I was awoken by the sounds of gibberish. “Bwaaaa naaa, bee boop bwaaaa!” I blinked my eyes open slowly. Very slowly. My head was taking a pounding harder than a colt in Massachusetts. […]

The Diminishing Returns of Repeated Scare Tactics

Every night after we read stories and take medicine and put jammies on, we send my daughter up to brush her teeth and then one of us parents goes up to tuck her in.  One day, as I was walking up the darkened stairs to her bedroom, she jumped out and yelled “Boo!” at me, […]

Falling the Wrong Way

My son needs stage combat lessons.  Or physics lessons.  Or maybe both of those lessons and more.  But however we solve it, the problem is that Edward does not know which way to fall down.  One of his most recent favorite games is Pillow Fight.  We play this by throwing pillows at each other in […]

I Have a New Bed

I have a new bed,it’s incredibly large.Truly the size for a king.My wife really hates it.She’s visibly angry,but sadly I can’t do a thing. The old bed was squishyand lumpy and stupidand each day I woke with back pain.I need something firmerto hold my big self upwithout creaking low with the strain. Okay, yeah I […]

Enforced Sleep Supervision

To begin with, I would like to thank all of my helpful readers who sent in suggestions after yesterday’s post on how to get my two-year-old son to stay in his bed and go to sleep.  I tried many of them, and finally arrived at my own solution.  Enforced sleep supervision.The first advice that I […]