“Daddy, Will You Stay With Me?”


“What is it?” I ask, as I tousle his hair and pull the covers up a little tighter.

“Can you read me another story?”

“No, you’ve already had stories. It’s time for sleeping now.” I try to smile at him, as I deliver this sad news.

“Okay,” he says sadly, rolling over as I switch off the light.

“Goodnight,” I say softly, tiptoeing out of the room.


“Yes Buddy?”

“Will you stay with me?”

I stop. I have things to do. I need to put his sister to bed too. I need to work on music, and I want a few minutes to myself before I fall asleep. I quickly try to decide what I am going to do, how I am going to get out of it. And then I look over at his hopeful face looking up at me.

“Okay,” I say, and walk back over to the bed, sitting on the floor next to him.

“Will you stay with me a long time?”

“Yes, I will stay with you a long time.”

“Will you stay with me all night?”

“I’ll stay with you until one of us falls asleep, okay?”

He thinks this over for a minute. “Okay.” He yawns and rolls over again, pulling his car blanket up to his ears. I put my arm around him from my spot on the floor and rest my head on the bed next to him. He snuggles up closer to my head and says “Thank you Daddy.”

And then one of us falls asleep.

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