Late Night Escape

It was bedtime. Past bedtime, if you must. He and I trudged upstairs where it was made very clear that I would be sharing the big bed tonight. There was no fight about this; everyone was too tired. I settled him down next to me as I pretended to be ready for bed myself. I slipped temporarily under the covers and yawned in a big way, as if to indicate that I might be ready for sleeping, and he yawned as well. It was working. We lay down next to each other for cuddle time, and I turned the nightlight to a good setting for sleep. I could see that he was getting close to falling asleep, so I lay very still and pretended to sleep myself. His eyes closed and his breathing became more even. Eventually, when I thought it was safe, I slowly lifted the covers up from my body and folded them back over onto the bed as I slipped out of it. No movement. He was definitely out like a light. Perfect. I gently opened the door and snuck into the hallway, closing the door silently behind me.

I was now ready to finally enjoy my evening. I removed all of my clothing and threw it across the hallway. Dashing into the bathroom I turned the sink on and splashed water all over the place while singing loudly and dancing my naked self around. I crept downstairs, ready for some fun with my special lady. She was sitting on the couch, and she wasn’t happy to see me. I tried to play off my sudden appearance like I was just coming down to say goodnight one more time, but she wasn’t falling for it. She took me back upstairs and put me in the bed, next to my sleeping dad. Ha ha, he is so busted! “Goodnight Mommy!” I called out as she gave me a kiss and closed the door behind her. As her footsteps faded into the distance, I lay there and planned my next escape to the sound of my father’s snores. Tomorrow is another night.

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