I Never Get Anything I Want

This is a fairly accurate transcript of a conversation I had with my four-year-old last night, highlighting the futility of my existence. Edward: “Daddy, can we have dinner now?” Me: “Yes, I’ll go make dinner.” Edward: “Can we have chicken nuuuuuggets for dinner?” Me: “Ok.” Edward: “Can I have ketchup?” Me: “Yes.” Edward: “NO! ┬áNOT […]

The Adventures of a Field Trip Chaperone

Monday Night– Asked the bus driver if I could ride in with Edward the following morning; was told I had to ask the school about that.– Called the school to ask if I could ride the bus in; was told I had to ask the bus– Picked out farm-appropriate clothing for the both of us– […]

Things You Never Want to See

There are some things in life that you just never want to see. For instance, you don’t want to see a giant truck driving the wrong way down the highway right at you.  Luckily, after my heart resumed beating, I realized that it was just being towed and was not, in fact, about to plow […]