The Consequences of Booby Trapping Your Hotel Room

It was not my intention to set traps for myself as I got ready to sleep in my Kansas hotel room. I was just tired, and everything seemed so far away from my bed. ┬áI was lying there, finishing up some writing, when I decided to complete the process of going to sleep, which my […]

Artificial Intelligence is Here, And It’s a Weapon

When hackers released all of Ashley Madison’s data to the public, one of the most interesting takeaways was how few of their users were women. 5% (or possibly fewer) of their accounts were actual female humans looking to have secret sex. On the other hand, plenty of men were chatting with plenty of women on […]

Why I Didn’t Write a Post For Today

I was all set to write something.  I had ideas.  I had time.  And then my laptop (actually the church’s laptop, so even more fun) just decided to die.  No power.  No “I’m plugged in” blue light.  Nothing.  It is a lifeless hunk of cheap plastic.  I spent my whole night chatting with tech support […]

Five Computer Improvements That Every Parent Needs

As a parent and a computer-user, I am often frustrated by the times that these two seemingly incompatible worlds collide.  Any time my three-year-old gets anywhere near my laptop, something disastrous happens.  And yet, it seems to me that with a few simple fixes, these issues could quickly become things of the past.  And so […]