The Consequences of Booby Trapping Your Hotel Room

It was not my intention to set traps for myself as I got ready to sleep in my Kansas hotel room. I was just tired, and everything seemed so far away from my bed.  I was lying there, finishing up some writing, when I decided to complete the process of going to sleep, which my eyes had already begun.

Yes, there was an outlet next to the bed,  but the clock in the room was plugged into one of the spots, and my phone charger was plugged into the other one.  This meant that my laptop was plugged into another outlet on the far wall, all the way across the room.  I suppose I could have gotten up and placed the laptop over on the bureau or something, but I was just so tired.  Instead, I placed the laptop down on my suitcase next to the bed, turned out the light, and went to sleep.

In the morning I heard my iPhone alarm go off, so I opened my eyes to the darkness, got out of bed, and set off the trap that I had carefully laid for myself the night before.  Walking across the room to the light switch, my foot caught on the tripwire that I had set up using the taut laptop cord that was running from the far wall to my bed. The computer jerked forward and flew off of my suitcase, through the air, and landed somewhere in the darkness with a sickening “crack.”

As it turns out, laptops are not made to be thrown about hotel rooms.  The screen cracked, and is now unusable except for a tiny corner, although I don’t think even that corner will work for much longer.  Things are going downhill in that department. I am writing this on my phone, which is very annoying.

I would tell you what the moral of the story is, except that it is too frustrating trying to type anymore on my phone.  I think I’m just going to end this here, and I hope for better days to come next week.  You can fix laptop screens, right?


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