Why We Need a Planet

Hello fellow humans (and animals that can read). I am going to make a quick assumption, with apologies to anyone currently reading this from the International Space Station, and posit that all of you are currently on Earth. I am also going to assume that the majority of you have not only never not been on […]

A Few Easy Ways to Ensure the Survival of Humanity

Today is Earth Day.  It is a day that we celebrate the planet that we live on.  And do you know why we celebrate it?  Is it because it is pretty?  NO!  WE NEED IT TO LIVE ON!  Perhaps some of you have lost sight of the fact that if we kill most of the […]

Holy Days and Holidays

Last week we seemed to have had an above average number of holidays.  There was Passover, Holy Week and all that that entails, Easter, Earth Day, and of course, Tenor Dad’s Birthday.  Over on the ol’ Facebook I noticed a variety of posts either enthusiastically promoting these days, or railing against them to anyone who […]