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Last week we seemed to have had an above average number of holidays.  There was Passover, Holy Week and all that that entails, Easter, Earth Day, and of course, Tenor Dad’s Birthday.  Over on the ol’ Facebook I noticed a variety of posts either enthusiastically promoting these days, or railing against them to anyone who would listen.  Here is what I think about that.  (Special note to my friend P.J. Tetersen, this blog is not about you, even though you are the only one I ever reply to on Facebook.  Let’s hang out!)

What makes a holiday?  Why do we have holidays?  The first thing I did was to make a list of all the holidays I could think of, and it seems to me that we have two kinds of holidays: some holidays commemorate things, and some holidays celebrate things.  The commemoration holidays include Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Bastille Day, and Tenor Dad’s Birthday.  I don’t think most people have a problem with these days, except when they get religious.  To you people I say, be cool man.  If people are excited about commemorating an event that is important to them, such as the birth/death/un-death of their own personal Jesus, then you should be happy for them.  Be happy that they are happy.  They are your friends, right?  Saying Happy Easter to you is not a jab at your own belief system.  They probably do not care about things that you like to commemorate, like “Fluffy’s Birthday” or “Elvis’ Death Day.”  But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wish a Happy Death Day to them every August 16th.

Then we have what I call the celebrating days.  These days include Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Earth Day, Secretary’s Day, Black History Month, and Free Cone Day.  These are days to just remind us of something that we really ought to be celebrating every day, but don’t.  This week the people railed against Earth Day, but with the same arguments I’ve heard over and over again about Valentine’s Day, etc.  Why do we need a day for this?  It is stupid.  Shouldn’t we just be good to the Earth/Our Mothers/Our Secretaries/Our Poolboys every day of the year?  Well, yes, we should.  But we don’t.  If you honestly think that every person on Earth thanks their mother enough every day for everything that they do, then by all means, let’s eliminate Mother’s Day.  And if you really think that humans have no adverse impact on the environment and don’t need to be reminded once in a while to recycle or not pour motor oil on their neighbor’s lawn as a joke, then yes, let’s cut Earth Day out.  I would love for the world to be in such a utopian place as that.  But until it is, let’s not miss these moments to celebrate the great things in life that we sometimes take for granted.  Like my birthday.

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