Goodbye Thursdays

I had plans to write something great today. I was going to tell you how Ruby and I both got glasses, and how cute we were, and how excited she was. I was going to tell you that Edward was jealous, but that he will also be getting glasses in a few weeks after further […]

I Need New Glasses

It has been a while since I got new glasses.  For one thing, my wife’s insurance at her old old job had great vision insurance, but the insurance at her old job did not include vision or dental.  Now she has a new job which does include these things, but it has been almost two […]

The Case of the Missing Glasses

Steve stood in the arch of the doorway talking to his friend Marco, as he had been doing for most of the party.  It was getting late; most of the guests had started trickling out and Steve straightened himself up, deciding to do the same.  Steve was a talent agent in New York, and the […]