Goodbye Thursdays

I had plans to write something great today. I was going to tell you how Ruby and I both got glasses, and how cute we were, and how excited she was. I was going to tell you that Edward was jealous, but that he will also be getting glasses in a few weeks after further diagnosis. I had plans. And then Thursday happened.

To be fair, I had a spectacular day. I got to fully start my teaching job with 12 amazing students who were all excited to be there and ready to learn. At least for now. Hopefully they will still be enthusiastic after I have to scold them a bit down the line. But today it was fantastic. And then I came home, collected my children, and headed right out to a handbell rehearsal. After which I had to conduct choir rehearsal. It’s a lot. It’s a very, very long day. And so I have to say goodbye to Thursdays, at least here.

I have been writing every weekday for years, but I am giving myself permission to take Thursdays off. It’s not to say that I will never post anything on any Thursday ever again for all time, but rather I want you all to know in advance that if you don’t see anything from me, don’t worry. I am not sick. I am not dead. I did not quit the internet. I’m just busy. Rather insanely busy. So now you know. And I feel better having told you.

Good night, and I will write something good for tomorrow. But now I have to get back to a Bachelorette Party. Yes. Don’t ask. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it later. Just not on a Thursday.

Me Dressed as a High School Teacher

Me Dressed as a High School Teacher

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