I Need New Glasses

It has been a while since I got new glasses.  For one thing, my wife’s insurance at her old old job had great vision insurance, but the insurance at her old job did not include vision or dental.  Now she has a new job which does include these things, but it has been almost two years since I had an eye exam and new glasses.  But this is not why I need new glasses.

I have young children, and they are always grabbing my glasses off of my face, or bringing them to me with their fingers on the lenses, so the glasses have been pretty beaten up over the last couple of years.  There are scratches on the lenses, smudges, and all sorts of nicks on the frames.  These current glasses have been in bad shape for a while.  But this is not why I need new glasses.

The reason I need new glasses, is because Edward decided to bring me my glasses yesterday, but instead of handing them to me in a normal shape, I received them in this condition:

Time to find an optometrist.

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  1. Heh, somehow the glasses look like a sad, apologetic face. Even if you can somehow repair that, the whole thing would still look iffy. It would be much quicker to go to your optometrist.

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