Standing Up For My Friend

Today is Bleric Ack’s birthday, so I decided to get him a present. An hilarious present. At least I thought so. I pulled out my tablet (oh, who am I kidding, it was already out and in my hand), found the website I was looking for, and began the minutes-long process of ordering something digital […]

Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Care

My friends, we have arrived in that most restrictive and freedom-free period in our lives where the societal judgement is at its peak and no decision we make is free from the sarcastic barbs of popular opinion. Everything, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, is deemed worthy or unworthy by a […]

You Never Get a Good Prognosis From Dr. Internet

[rafflecopter ]This is just a quick reminder that, when you are having a health issue and are unsure of what might be going on, you should never seek the advice of that nefarious quack, Dr. Internet.  Yes, he has a diagnosis for you, but trust me, you do not want to go down that rabbit […]

Artificial Intelligence is Here, And It’s a Weapon

When hackers released all of Ashley Madison’s data to the public, one of the most interesting takeaways was how few of their users were women. 5% (or possibly fewer) of their accounts were actual female humans looking to have secret sex. On the other hand, plenty of men were chatting with plenty of women on […]

Privacy is a Myth; Please Don’t Shoot Me

You all know who I am. Probably. While I don’t include my name on this site (mostly), I don’t think it would be too hard for someone to figure out who “Tenor Dad” really is. After all, I post everything I write through my personal Facebook page, and I assume that nobody else is so […]

What I Give Up Breakfast For

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s what the cereal commercials told me. I can’t do my best if I don’t eat a good breakfast, right? Ah ha! That explains it! I have discovered the cause of all of my failures in life. All of the unmet potential can be traced back […]

Something Counter-Intuitive That Resonates Deeply

In case you all missed the 4,000 times I posted the link yesterday, I can now add “Writer for The Good Men Project” to my resume.  Well, more like “Guy who had one of his pieces reprinted by The Good Men Project one time,” but it was still very exciting to me.  And you know, […]

The Insincerity of Modern Parenting

Okay, I have a quick poll for everybody.  How many of us have perfect children?  Any hands raising?  No?  Cool.  Now, how many of us can name off a few of our children’s faults.  Anybody?  You probably can name a few.  After all, they are your children.  You know them fairly well.  But think hard. […]

We’re Only Friends Online

It’s kind of weird living a double life.  I imagine that spies and actors must have to work really hard to make sure their public personas and their true souls never cross over, as they act one way with a certain group of people, and then let their guards down among the people they truly […]