The Boot Thief

The appointment started out fine.  Edward picked out some toys to bring into the room while I hung up our coats and put our boots on the mat by the door.  The chiropractor put all of my pieces back into place and I could move freely again without any tightness or pain in my back.  […]

Gas Leak!

We had a bit of excitement at the ol’ Tenor Dad place last evening.  My wife got home from work, just as the rest of us were arriving home from seeing the doctor about Edward’s new ear infection, and she used her powerful nose-like abilities to detect that there was a gas smell in our […]

A Tale of Two Elmo Balloons

We took the family to see Sesame Street Live again yesterday.  This was our second time, and Ruby’s best friend from school came with us.  This worked out very well, except that this friend had brought money with her for a souvenir.  That meant that we had to shell out money for stuff for our […]

My Kids’ First Car Accident

The day hadn’t really started off well anyway. I’d woken up with a tweaked back, barely able to stand, so I had scheduled an emergency chiropractor visit and taken Edward to church with me so that I could work on music sorting and planning, and he could spread toys all over the choir room. It […]

A Sad Story That My Wife Finds Funny

So I was on my way to my brother-in-law’s house to watch the Super Bowl, and I asked him if he needed any snacks.  He told me that he was good with the snackage, and had plenty of beer, but was light on the soda.  Since you all know that I do not drink beer, […]