Falling Off a Log – Turns Out It’s Quite Easy

Due to the good time we had the last time we went, and the fact that our personal pirate pal Captain Jane Swallow was going to be there, our family trucked down to Vergennes for the annual Kids Pirate Festival at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. There were no plans to fall off of any […]

The Treasure of Mermaid’s Armpit

The sun was high as we approached the labyrinth, and we were hot.   Out of our original crew of eight, only three of us remained, maps in hand and determination etched across our damp brows.  I felt a swell of confidence in our chances, although time was quickly running out and my navigational skills […]

Birthday List

Edward is turning four tomorrow.  He is very excited about it and has a very specific list of presents that he would like.  In case any of you are wanting to send him a gift, here is a collection of his demands. 1) A Snort     Edward’s favorite book at the moment is “Are You […]

Forced Into a Life of Piracy

“You’re a good Dad,” my wife texted yesterday, in response to my complaints.  “Thanks,” I replied, “but I would like to go back to actually being a Dad, and not an evil pirate.” It all started a year, month, week or so ago, when I was trying to get Edward to eat his dinner.  Edward does […]

Our Favorite Pirate Songs

Ahoy me hearties!  ‘Tis that time of year once again when ’tis a good and noble thing to celebrate all things piratical!  Ye heard me right, ye scurvy bilge rats, ’tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!  And teh celebrate this most joyous o’ days, fer aboard this ship we loves pirates most fiercely, I have […]

Dad, Do Pirates Have to Be Boys?

So we’re sitting on the couch watching something as harmless(?) as Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Ruby, my kindergartener, asks me “Dad, do pirates have to be boys?”  So what do I say? My first thought, to myself anyway, is that for many years women weren’t even allowed on ships.  Bad luck supposedly.  And […]