Our Favorite Pirate Songs

Ahoy me hearties!  ‘Tis that time of year once again when ’tis a good and noble thing to celebrate all things piratical!  Ye heard me right, ye scurvy bilge rats, ’tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!  And teh celebrate this most joyous o’ days, fer aboard this ship we loves pirates most fiercely, I have put t’gether a list of the most bestest piratey songs that squeeze through the dirt into our ear-holes.  Fer yer considarrrrrghation, they be:

5) The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

This be a pirate classic.  Those vegterbulls be pirates o’ the highest order.  An’ they be an example to me own wee brood, when the time comes fer chorrrrrres!

4) A Pirates Life For Me

Could this be the most famous o’ the pirate songs?  To be sure “Yo ho ho and a barrel o’ rum” be fairrrly popularrrrgh, but me thinks this might take the grog!  What’s that ye say?  It’s “bottle” o’ rum?  Matey, ye be doin’ it wrong!  Spend a day aboard me ship and I’ll show ye how to sing it!

3) Belay

Arggghhhh, this be part of our tricky scheme to lure the li’l chittlens inta bein’ pirates.  ‘Tis true we pirates be a villainous and scoundrelly lot, but the kiddos don’t need ta know this!  Let’s pretend fer a moment that pirates be cute an’ cuddly and sing fun songs!  Our cabin boy supply be runnin’ low, and this “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” show is like the candy we use to lure them into our nautical clutches!  Ha haaaaarrgggh!

2) Pour, Oh Pour the Pirate Sherry

‘Tis drinkin’ and carousin’!  Nothin’ more piratey than this!  Plus we pirates have a soft spot fer silly British humour of the Gilbert and Sullivanny type.

1) Talk Like a Pirate

It be talk like a pirate day!  Could there be any chance of this not bein’ the numbarrrgh one song?  O’ course not!  Now sit back an’ watch the videargggghhhhh!

Got a different favorite pirate song?  Let us know, or walk the plank.  And we’ll see ye all again next yearrrgggh!

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