The Song I Refused To Sing in Church

I sing a lot of things in church. I have sung hymns, anthems, spirituals, arias, and chants. I have also sung contemporary Christian songs and pop stuff right from the radio. I have sung “Some Nights” by Fun., and “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. I have sung Owl City, Nico & Vinz, […]

To Be a Better Singer, Stop Caring About How You Sound

There is an epidemic going around these days that I feel the need to weigh in on.  It has been around for as long as I can remember, was probably around long before my time, and I too fell victim to this plague when I was first starting out as a musician.  Amateur singers, professional […]

23 Christmas Carol/Pop Song Mash-Ups No One Will Ever Do

As the holiday season approaches and overwhelms us, it is important to make our way through the haze of it all and focus on what really matters.  And music can be a beacon to guide us through, because it is everywhere, and because it summons memories of holidays past.  But music can also be used […]

Get Out and Vote! Taylor Swift is Off Spotify!

There are two important things happening in the United States today and, believe it or not, they are related.  The first, of course, is that today is the day of the midterm elections.  A day when a small minority of annoyed Americans will go out to the polls and try to defeat their enemies.  And […]

Song of the Summer

Now that the summer entertainment season has officially started with the smash opening of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” (go see this movie, by the way), it is time to think about choosing the “song of the summer.”  Summer, of course, used to start in June, but studios and record companies found that they could […]

How to Write a Song

I like to write songs.  Some of them are okay.  Most of them are terrible.  A few might even be good.  But it occurs to me that people could be interested in how songwriting works, since music is this weird ephemeral thing that we sort of pull out of the air and create out of […]

My Latest 25 Mix – November 2013

It’s happened again.  My iPod mix of current and favorite tunes has made it through another cycle.  This means that you get to find out exactly what embarrassing music I have been listening to for the past 6-8 months, which is usually how long it takes me to find 25 songs that I like well […]

Things That Rhyme With Hug Me

By now we have all heard Robin Thicke’s “song of the summer” Blurred Lines about one bajillion times.  We saw Miley twerk a bear to it and had discussions for hours about the misogyny and general catchiness terribleness of the song.  But one of the biggest questions remains unanswered.  What does Robin Thicke think rhymes […]

Concert in a Giant Egg

Last night my spectacular wife took me to see a concert as a preamble to our tenth anniversary.  The concert was held in a giant concrete egg.  But more on than in a moment.  You see, we have been married for almost ten years now, and we really wanted to do something big to mark […]