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Now that the summer entertainment season has officially started with the smash opening of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” (go see this movie, by the way), it is time to think about choosing the “song of the summer.”  Summer, of course, used to start in June, but studios and record companies found that they could make more money if they pushed the start of summer back to Memorial Day and, like a group of naughty children at an egg hunt, they kept creeping further and further away from the actual line, through and past the beginning of May and now into April.  Happy Summer!

Of course, we still have snow on the ground here, but we will not let that stop us from enjoying our summer fun!  We will rock out to summery tunes with the windows rolled down and our heads wagging out of them like happy dogs.  But we must all agree on what the “song of the summer” is, or at least there must be a few choices for us to argue about, so here is a proposed list for discussion.

1) Let it Go, by Adele Dazeem
This is the perfect song for a summer that starts in snowy April.  It hangs around forever, like our eternal winter, and it focuses on snow and wind and coldness, which are things that we all now associate with summer.  Plus everybody knows it, even if they hate it, so it is good for singing along to.

2) In Summer, by Olaf the Snowman
Don’t worry, these will not all be from Frozen, but like choice #1, this song combines the best things about actual summer, and imagined summer.  It has lyrics about sun and sand, but it is sung by a snowman!  I think we can all relate to that.

3) Beach Party, by Ke$ha
This is not an actual song, but I’m sure we can all agree that if it were a song, it would be a huge hit and definitely be the “song of the summer.”  Ke$ha, I hope you are reading this.  (and why wouldn’t you be?)

4) #Selfie, by The Chainsmokers
This, sadly is a real song, and I am only including it to make sure that you all know that, out of all of the songs ever written on Earth, you may not, under any circumstances, allow this song to become the “song of the summer.”  Do you understand me?  Good.  Now go to your room for even thinking about it.

5) Happy, by Pharrell Williams
Even though this song, like choice #1, is an Oscar-nominated hit from a 2013 animated film, when I googled “Song of the Summer 2014,” this kept popping up as the main choice.  So it goes on the list.

So there you have five hot contenders for 2014 Song of the Summer!  What do you think?  Will it be one of these amazing tunes, or another song entirely?  Sound off in the comments, and I’ll catch all you listeners on the waterski slopes!  Tenor Dad out!

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  1. I think “Happy” is a good bet, as it didn’t get much radio play, despite having been around for a while, and now it’s suddenly all over. It’s another Love-it-or-hate-it tune, and although I’m not sure it’s a summer tune that “The UPside” will pick up to cover, it’s one I’ll certainly be hearing all over the airwaves until people decide that being grumpy is hip again…

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