A Year Without Seizures

One year ago today, in a pool at a water park, as we were killing time waiting to ride the Polar Express, Edward had a seizure. I don’t want to use hyperbole and say it was the most terrifying one he’d ever had, and honestly after so many of them you do get, if not […]

What My Kids Did When I Told Them We Were Moving

Did I mention that we were moving? No, I didn’t, because it was not public knowledge until quite recently. But now that it has been announced in the church’s annual report and I have had several congregation members ask me about it, I feel safe to finally announce that next month we will be leaving […]

What We Talked About Yesterday At Boston Children’s Hospital

First off, thank you all for caring so much about our little family. Thank you for the messages, thoughts, ideas, prayers, and support. As you know if you are a regular reader of this page, we had a very rough fall. One of the most oft-suggested piece of advice during our time of trial was […]

I Am a Special Needs Parent

I am not a special needs parent. That sounds ridiculous. Who says that? Who would ever want to be that? Doesn’t everyone’s child have their own special needs anyway? I mean mostly they are the same, but they’re all different too. And tons of kids have worse problems than mine! I just want my child […]

If You See Someone Having a Seizure, Do You Know What to Do?

I’m going to break a promise. I’m going to talk, hopefully just this once, about my son and his seizure condition, because he almost died yesterday. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. He was at camp, had a seizure, and the people there did not know what to do. They laid […]

All Clear!

While I generally try to keep things entertaining around here, to varying degrees of success, my original mission statement from my very first post was to keep people somewhat informed of things that are going on with me and my family.  That’s why I posted with great sadness that my son Edward had had a […]

A Whole New Kind of Seizure

I was in the middle of a board meeting last night when I got the call.  My wife had already texted me a few times during the meeting, so to get an actual phone call was already a cause for concern, and I backed my chair away from the table a few inches and answered […]