The 5 Stages of Your Kid Refusing to Go to School

STAGE 1: DENIAL Ummmm, no you did not just say to your mother that you are not going to school. No. That did not happen. Just admit that it never happened and we’re good. We can all go about our days like normal people who are not about to have a battle. No battles today, okay? […]

Kids Make No Sense

I want you to take a moment this morning and just look at your child.  What are they doing?  How are they doing it?  And is it possible that there is some sort of brain in there controlling things?  Or are there several competing brains, each struggling for domination?  Or perhaps no brain at all, […]

The First Rule of Parenting and Jungle Camping

Check your shoes.  This is a life-saving rule that is vital to both parenting and jungle survival.  I know that it’s not something that one might think about on a regular basis, so I am posting this reminder to all parents/jungle explorers out there. For the half of you reading this who are currently sleeping […]