End of the Road: TDORK No More

For the first time in over a month, I am back home again. I am Tenor Dad: On the Road with Kids no more! After driving over 1500 miles, having my blog deleted and then undeleted, braving traffic and weather, and passing through 10 states and s district, we have completed our journey. We celebrated […]

The Healing Power of Bacon – TDORK Heading North

We are halfway home.  Having started our journey of 1500 miles in the town of Seminole, FL, we ended our day today in Washington, DC; a total of 970 miles, 586 of which were driven in the last 12 hours.  That leaves us about 530 miles to go, which we will get to on Sunday, […]

Life’s a Beach – TDORK at Tybee Island

Here we are on day 3 of our series, “Tenor Dad: On the Road with Kids.”  Let us recap.Day 1: Forgot to go anywhere – Distance achieved: 0 milesDay 2: Spent $60 on hats at Walt Disney World – Distance achieved: 93 milesDay 3: Well, this is Day 3, and I haven’t told you about […]

Well That Was a Waste of Money – TDORK at Disney World

Parents, if you want to torture yourself and your children, here is how you start: get them up at the crack of dawn and tell them they are going to Disney World, and then tell them that your hosts are still sleeping and they have to be quiet.  This was how we started out, and […]

TDORK – Tenor Dad On the Road with Kids

And so it begins.  A 1500 mile car trip in a car containing a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old.  I cannot remember at what point I thought this was a good idea, and if blogs this week seem garbled, nonsensical, and/or on the verge of madness, well then it’s just another regular old week here at […]