Music We Are Thankful For This Fall

Wow, I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving tomorrow! I have been so busy this fall that it feels as though summer were yesterday and I am almost ready to start making Halloween costumes. But I’ve done that, and so much more. I miss writing every day on this page but, as my daughter tells me, […]

Twelve Adventures: #12 – Thanksgiving With the Pilgrims

So here we are in November of 2016, and while I have been avoiding social media and this very site, I have not stopped having adventures. We said we were going to have twelve, and twelve is what we were going to have, no matter how many unconstitutional parades tried to get in our way. […]

Stomach Small, Belly Large

When I was younger, and not that much younger, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted. Now, I don’t mean that in a “could eat many calories and not get fat,” or “could eat spicy things without heartburn” kind of way. No, I just mean that it all just…fit. Sure, I would sometimes get indigestion, […]

Seven Interesting Things to Do With Leftover Turkey

Whelp, Thanksgiving has come and gone here in America.  We have all gained ten pounds, and the Earth is starting to sag ever so slightly in our direction, due to the increasing weight of Americans.  But now that it is Friday, what are we supposed to do with all of these meaty turkey carcasses that […]


If you are reading this, then thanks.  You are awesome, and I am grateful.  Every link you click, every post you share, and every comment you make, makes me far happier than it should.  Every time my notifications light up with more “likes,” I get a little shot of serotonin right in my happy place, […]

Some Thanksgiving Pre-Gaming Advice That You’ll Want To Read

It has been over a year now since my cousin lost his battle with brain cancer, but there are still so many moments that recall him to my mind, and Thanksgiving is definitely one of them.  He had some great advice for getting yourself ready for the big meal that has served me well all […]

Big Hero 6 – A Team of 4?

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I caved.  We have a family tradition that involves going to see a movie over Thanksgiving weekend, and this year we had already chosen Big Hero 6 as our obvious choice.  But then, we just couldn’t wait.  Well, I just couldn’t wait.  It looked so gooooood!  I had to seeeeee it!  Ahhhhhhh!  And so […]

Audition Season! Concert Season! Audition Season! Concert Season!

As if the lives and schedules of singers weren’t dysfunctional enough on their own, some sadist out there decided to make the months of November and December, and more specifically the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, both audition season and concert season.  Why opera companies would want to hold all of their auditions during those […]