Seven Interesting Things to Do With Leftover Turkey

Whelp, Thanksgiving has come and gone here in America.  We have all gained ten pounds, and the Earth is starting to sag ever so slightly in our direction, due to the increasing weight of Americans.  But now that it is Friday, what are we supposed to do with all of these meaty turkey carcasses that are sitting around our houses?  Here are few suggestions.

1) Food Fight
Gather up all of the leftovers from the fridge, and throw them at whichever family member slept the latest.  It is fun and surprising!

2) Carcass Bowling
There are plenty of holes in that turkey for fingers to latch onto, so stick your hand in, give the bird a toss, and try to knock something down!

3) Puppet Theater of the Macabre
Nothing says “Day After Thanksgiving” like propping up a rotting animal and performing a comedy routine with it.  Fun for the whole family!

4) Turkey Jenga
Slice up leftovers, pile them up in a criss-cross tower of food, and take turns pulling out pieces of meat and eating them.  Don’t knock the stack over!  (Dogs love when you play this game)

5) Cat Fishing
This one is fun and easy!  Simply attach the turkey to a string on the end of a stick, dangle it over the edge of the sofa, and try to catch a cat!  They will always take the bait!

6) Taste Explosion
Do you have any leftover fireworks from the 4th of July?  Why not stuff them into your old turkey, put it on the lawn, and then light it up!  A loud and colorful way to end your holiday with a bang!

7) Throw It All Away
Look, leftovers are fine for a day or two, but how long can you really eat turkey?  Just toss all that food into the trash while trying not to think of the hungry people in your own community that would love even one bite of your excess, and then head to 5 Guys for a double bacon cheeseburger.  Yum!

7a) Eat It
As this is not an interesting thing to do with turkey (unless it involves “Weird Al” Yankovic), it did not make the list proper, but I will add it here as item 7a.  For the unimaginative, there are plenty of turkey soups, sandwiches, pies, casseroles, and other delicious dishes that you could make using the leftover turkey, but this is not a food blog.  If you want that sort of suggestion, go google something boring.

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