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If you have been reading my blog regularly (hi Mom!) then you may know that my laptop died a horrible death just before I came to New York.  It was very bad timing, and I was kind of freaking out about it.  This blog entry is a tribute to my wonderful friends, who are the reason I am now sitting in front of not one, not two, but three laptops!

Awesome friend number one: Ed

Ed not only helped me get all my data out of my old laptop, he is also the one who bought me the domain name and pointed it at my blog.  This is super awesome of him.  There is literally no way I can ever repay him for saving my data, but I hope some day, to repay him figuratively.  Naming my son after him does not seem enough.

Awesome friend number two: Eric

Eric was the first person to say, “Hey, I have an old laptop I never use.  It is horrible and useless, would you like it?”  That was awesome of him because, old and horrible or not, laptops are expensive.  They are a pretty big investment, and we keep a lot of ourselves on our computers.  He warned me that it would not really play video or run modern programs, but hey, it got me online, and that was all I really needed to do in New York anyway.

Awesome friend number three: Simone

Ok, yes, I am married to her, but she is still my friend, and she is still awesome.  She let me borrow her little netbook (which is much faster than our home computer, so it actually is a big sacrifice!) to take with me.  It has no CD drive, and is not meant for running big programs, but it plays video!  Between Simone’s speed, and Eric’s removable media, I figured I was set.

Awesome friend number four: Mark

I had a voice lesson and told him about my computer woes when he asked if I was recording the lesson.  He then proceeded to get out his almost brand new laptop, and gave it to me on extended loan.  He said that soon after he got it, he switched to Mac and he doesn’t use the HP laptop at all anymore.  The understanding is that if he does need it while I’m here, I am only a few blocks away and I will bring it over.  This is so awesome I can’t even stand it.  It is super fast AND has a CD drive!  And tons of other cool stuff!  I am blogging on it right now!  It’s probably better than the laptop I had that broke!

So thank you to all my wonderful friends who have helped me out in some way or another.  Many of you have done other things for me that I haven’t mentioned in this blog, but I am supremely grateful to have such giving and caring friends and family.  I love you all.  Now if only the apartment here had internet…..

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