I Lied to My Daughter This Morning and Told Her She Was Safe

I lay awake most of the night, wondering how I was going to explain to my daughter that not only would she not open her eyes to our first female president, but that most of the country had decided that it was okay to elect a man who thinks that sexual assault is a joke. […]

Twelve Adventures: #11 – The US Mint

This weekend was the last of the season for the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and we haven’t missed a year yet since our children were born. Skipping it was not an option, so we packed everything and everyone into the car, and we began the long drive south. We have found, however, that the drive is […]

Did You Ever Just Want To Have an Affair?

I was driving home the other day, the smell of autumn beginning to creep into the air through the vents, and I saw a woman coming at me from the opposite direction. She passed me in her car without looking over, but I saw her and I wondered to myself, is there something in her […]

DIY Batcave (That Looks Nothing Like the Batcave)

Hello! It is I, Tenor Dad, the living Pinterest Fail, here to tell you how to make your child’s room into a Batcave. That, obviously, looks nothing like the actual Batcave. So let’s get started! The first thing I decided to do was to get some large, flat boards that I would then somehow attach […]

Gun Laws Will Never Work – Repeal the 2nd Amendment

I’m going to make a bold claim here, and feel free to disagree if you care more about whatever the hell you feel like doing at any given time than about human lives. Here is my sincerest belief: you do not have the right to own a gun. You just don’t. You do not have […]

You Can’t Take a Snow Globe Through Security, and Other Airport Lessons

Ruby loves snow globes. She has decided very enthusiastically that they will be her first official collection. We have a few minor snow globes hanging around the house, but when Ruby couldn’t decide what to spend her souvenir money on in New York, she finally settled on a major prize: an Empire State Building Snow […]

Twelve Adventures: #4 – Gettysburg

When you are a professional adventurer like I am, you know that it takes careful planning to maximize the constant thrills that are your life. That is why, having learned nothing from our previous adventure, we decided to follow up what really was a whole weekend of adventure already, with another adventure. Yes, on our […]

My First Same-Sex Wedding, And What I Saw There

The correct, non-clickbaity title for this post ought to be “Bleric Ack and the Prisoner of Marriage,” but I wanted this post to be accessible to non-weirdos as well as to you and I, so I switched it. But yes, I spent the weekend with my best friend Bleric Ack as he married the love […]

And Away We Go at Dad 2.0!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 3:30, not because a child was jumping on my face or kicking me in the kidney, but because I needed to get to the airport. Thanks to an early morning transport by fast friend Dark Murmurs I made my 5:20 flight in plenty of time. Thanks to the laws […]