Cramming for the Oscars

The Academy Awards are in just over a week now, and I am trying to see as many of the films as possible.  When last we discussed this subject, I had seen seven out of ten best picture nominees, and a few of the other movies as well.  Over the past few weeks, I have been cramming.  Here’s how I’ve been doing.

I have now seen nine of the ten nominees for best picture.  Only 127 Hours to go.  My only problem is that I don’t really want to see it.  I mean, I’m sure it is a great movie, but…  Well, we’ll see.  I can tell you now that Winter’s Bone is not a porn flick, nor is it the heartwarming story of a dog named Winter on a quest for his missing bone.  It is a depressing portrait of rural poverty that, from what I’ve heard, is scarily accurate.  It was good, but man…  Not a feel good flick, that’s for sure.

I’ve also seen The Kids Are All Right.  Now this I really enjoyed.  It was funny, it was heartbreaking, and it was real.  What I liked about it was that it focused on a marriage, whereas most movies end with a wedding or proposal like that is the end of the story.  There is a lot more life and relationship that goes on after the meet/cute, and it was nice to see some of it on screen.

When I am not watching best picture nominees, I am trying to see the rest of the nominees in other categories.  For our Valentine’s Day date, Simone and I had to choose between Blue Valentine and The Illusionist.  Even though it had the word Valentine in the title, we thought The Illusionist would be a little lighter fare for a romantic date.  Boy, I don’t think we had any good options here.  The Illusionist was a little…slow.  And depressing.  Sort of.  I don’t know what it was, but I really did think Tangled was a better film.  Oh well.

Finally, we rented The Town, which has a supporting actor nomination, and How to Train Your Dragon, which is up against The Illusionist and Toy Story 3 for best animated feature.  I thought The Town was just incredible and how it missed a best picture nod is beyond me.  How to Train Your Dragon was also great, but it is obviously impossible to be better than Toy Story 3 this year, so too bad for it.

We still have nine days to go, so I will try and see a few more before the big event, but I feel good about my preparation.  It’s tough to see movies when you have little kids, and I am ahead of last year.  I don’t know if I will see 127 Hours.  I guess I’ll let you know.

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