How I Fell Off the Stage

So there I was, backstage after the end of Act 2, waiting to run out for the curtain call. The stage went black, and we all started running out in a line, up the stairs and onto the platform. The problem was a complete lack of light, no glow tape on the platform edges, and a corner cut out of the platform by the stairs.

I saw the glow tape on the stairs, which I ran up quite easily, and I saw the glow tape at the front of the platform, so I ran towards it. Unfortunately, my left foot missed the platform and went right into the hole. This was very bad. Luckily for my left foot, it never hit anything and is totally fine. My right leg, however, crashed against one side if the platform, bruising my foot and knee. Most of the impact though, was on my right shoulder and chest, which slammed into the other part of the platform, causing a terrific noise and a lot of pain.

Now, at the moment of impact, all I could think about was the fact that the lights were about to come back on and I had better be in my place when that happened. So I jumped up, ran to my spot, took my bow, left the stage, and headed to the emergency room.

I had a bunch of x-rays; nothing is broken. I most likely have a pinched nerve in my shoulder, which is very painful, but I will survive. Everyone had been mumbling backstage for days that we didn’t have enough light on stage, but no one said anything to management, so they had no idea it was unsafe. Moral of this story: if you ever feel even remotely unsafe on stage, say something. Unless you are looking for a free sling and some Vicodin.

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  1. Glad you’re okay! I will admit to laughing though – what is it about people falling, getting hurt, and we think it’s funny?

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