How to Shop With Your Kids

Look, let’s be honest here.  Shopping with kids can be, to put it mildly, a trying experience.  Aside from the fact that they want to buy everything in every store, they also want to push the cart, and ride in the cart, and ride on the cart, and run around like maniacs.  And you can’t just shove all of your children into the cart, because then you will not have enough room for food, or beer, or flat screen televisions, or whatever it is you are attempting to purchase.  Shouldn’t those kids know how to behave by now anyway?!

Well, by pure luck and chance I came across a perfect solution for this very problem at Costco yesterday.  After taking the cart away from my angry three-year-old, who I clearly explained could not push the cart because he could not see over the top of it and had just almost run over several old ladies, he decided to climb under it.  Not in the little seat where he is supposed to go, and not even in the main basket where the stuff is supposed to go.  No, he decided to lie down on that extra rack where 300 lb. bags of dog food go.  And he loved it.

He loved it so much that his sister decided to join him under there.  It was great!  I mean, aside from my constant fear that I was going to run over their faces and/or smash their little heads into something, it was the best shopping trip ever!  They were zipping around Costco like superheroes down there, flying this way and that.  What a great idea!

I decided that I should get a video of them doing this, so that you could all see how much fun they were having.  But, as I’m sure you know, as soon as you get any sort of camera out, children immediately switch what they are doing from something cute/awesome to something unattractive/incriminating, and this case was no different.  Once the camera was on them, even though they couldn’t even see the camera (they have special sensors for this), they switched from happy laughing to sad complaining.  So I will show you the video anyway, but I swear to you, they loved it!  They wanted to stay under there!  I could barely get them out to eat all the food I bought for them, even though they were clearly hungry.  So watch the video for a good parenting tip, but ignore everything my kids say.  For real.  They loved it.

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