My Trip to Fort McHenry – A Throwback Thursday Post By Bear

Hello everyone.  It’s me.  Bear.  There are a lot of good stories on this blog about fun stuff that happened a long time ago, but no one is ever telling any good stories about ME!  I do lots of good things too.  I love to do fun things.  I am going to tell you a story about a fun thing that I did.  One time, I went to Fort McHenry.  So there.

I was going to drive my bear car there, but my best friend Ruby would not fit in a bear car, so I let her parents drive us to the place where they wrote that song about that flag that I am always hearing about.  I did see a lot of flags there.  They should have named it Fort McFlag.  Or maybe Fort McNugget.  I am hungry.  Please send me some bear food.

Picture 010

The best part of Fort McFlagnugget was all of the cannons.  I love cannons.  They are loud and you can climb in them.  Here is a picture of me and Ruby climbing on a cannon.

Picture 013

Here is a picture of me in a cannon.

Picture 017

Cannons are fun.

Picture 016

One other cool thing about the fort is that you can go inside of it and see stuff, like how people and bears used to live in there together and hang out and eat bear food and stuff.  Here is a picture of me with some barrels of bear food.  And stuff.

Picture 035

Another good thing about the inside of the fort is that you can get back out again.  Here is a picture of me getting back out again.

Picture 025

Overall, I think Fort McHenry is a really fun place to visit and learn about flags and bears.  It has a lot of cannons, and I think you should all go there.  Thank you.  The end.

Picture 036


P.S. – Do not forget to send me the bear food.  This is very important.

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