Bear’s Song

Hello. Bear hear. Nice to sea you again. Ruby’s dad is always righting songs and pomes and stuff, and he never lets me do anything! So I wrote a pome today too. It is a very good pome full of rimes. I hope you like it. It is called “Bear’s Song” Bear’s Song Beware the […]

The Things You Learn On Your First Night in a New House

I didn’t write a post yesterday. Instead, I filmed a virtual tour of our new house and you probably already saw it on Facebook. If, for some strange reason, you are not following Tenor Dad on Facebook, here is a link to the page so that you can see the video and click “like” and […]

The Things We Pack, and the Things We Don’t

We are 17 days away from the big move, and packing is starting to kick into high gear. A month out, I tried to divide the job into 4 weekly packing categories: things we use all the time, things we use a lot but could live without for a time, things we use occasionally, and […]

How to Right a Blog

Righting is not easy. Eye no ewe think it is, butt in fact it does take sums kill. In that weigh it is similar two singing. I canned tell yew how Manny thymes some buddy has tolled me “Owe, eye could dew that!” Ummm, are ewe bean Sirius? Yew think I juiced woke up won […]

Twelve Adventures: #1 – Covered Bridges

Happy 2016! We made it! This is the future, and we are alive! It is time to live like we have arrived. No more worrying about what might happen (because what did that ever get us anyway?), but instead we focus on new themes and goals and challenges that we will face with joy and […]

Bear in a Squirrel Costume

Hello. If you are a bear, like me, you are probably wondering what to where four Halloween this shear. Well, you should try too go as something that matches yore person’s costume. My person, Ruby, is going to be a tree this time, so I am going to be a squirrel.  This is a picture […]

When the Girl’s Away, the Bears Will Play

Hello interneters! It is I, Tenor Bear! I am hear because you are all invited to my bear party! (Also because Ruby’s dad is doing something else and not paying attention too his blog) Ruby is at camp allllllll day, and Edward is at camp even more alllllll day, so that means I get too do […]

The Latest 35 Mix For Kids

If you are a regular reader around here, then you know that I have on my iPod a playlist called the “Latest 25 Mix,” containing the last 25 songs to catch my ear. It is a rotating list, so when a new songs comes onto it, it means another song is bumped off, and so […]

What Lockdowns are for, According to My Daughter

“I just remembered something that happened at school today, ’cause I told Mace ‘I’m gonna have a good story to tell my Dad!’” We were sitting at Friendly’s having ice cream while Edward was off at Taekwan-do finally getting his green belt, and Ruby had finally remembered something that had happened at school, other than “nothing” […]

Bear’s Favorite Songs

Hello. This is Bear. It is Tenor Monday hear on my blog, and I half decided to share my favorite songs with you. You should listen too them awl. They are the best songs. #1 – The Bear Went Over the Mountain B: Stompy the Bear 3) Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear Four […]